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Generate and send an email in less than 5 minutes. You can get excellent deliverability, reporting, and more without more work.
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Template editor

Create perfectly crafted templates with ease

Use our drag-and-drop or code-your-own editor to craft the perfect email, including transactional variables with data formatting, conditional content, and more.

Reporting should answer questions, not create them

You will never feel like reporting for transactional email is an afterthought or are in need of more detailed. Tarvent’s reporting is second to none, providing a level of detail unmatched by others.
Transaction performance report

Email blocks happen, our solution will surprise you

Transactional email is important! Getting an order confirmation or password reset email is a must. However, blocks happen. With Tarvent, there are customizable resend rules that can be created down to a specific receiving domain to ensure all emails are delivered.
Auto resend rule
Features that make Tarvent awesome! Tarvent has to be one of the easiest platforms on the planet. We worked hard to make a feature-rich platform easy to use so that you don’t need specially trained staff to use it.
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Data formatters

Data is often stored in the database differently than how you’d like it displayed in an email. Don’t write code for that. Our data formatters make it easy to format your data. We have a ton of formatters to make your life easy.

Template logic wizards

Our drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor makes creating transactional email templates a breeze. Our wizards eliminate the need to learn template logic syntax for inserting variable data, formatting data, controlling conditional contact, and more. Even better is that our wizards work both drag-and-drop and code-your-own templates seamlessly!

Bulk sending

Whether you need to send one transactional email at a time or in batches of 1,000, Tarvent ensures you can optimize the transmission of data by reducing duplicate data to ensure batches are submitted and processed in near real-time.

Global variable data

If you have variable data that is the same for each recipient, specify it globally in your call and only specify it once. This can greatly reduce the amount of data transmitted when sending bulk transactions.

Recipient-specific variable data

Unlike global variable data, you can specify recipient-specific data for the same variables, overriding global data as needed. This further enhances the personalization of your emails at the recipient level.


Store metadata for each transaction, making support and reporting more relevant to your business and reporting needs.

Custom headers

Add custom headers to the emails, which can be used for processing further along in the process, such as when processing a response to your transactional email.

Preheader support

Get the same preheader features of a typical campaign without a transactional email and without having to know the tricks of the trade.

Reply email processing

Receive reply emails directly or let Tarvent process your replies, filtering out junk replies, such as out-of-office replies, before forwarding valid replies to an email of your choosing.

External analytics integration

Utilize UTM variables that we append to your links, reducing your code and allowing you to integrate easily with Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and more.

Tracking options

Worried about privacy, GDPR, or other laws that apply to you? Turn off specific trackings quickly, such as opens, clicks, etc.

Tag support

Add tags to your transaction to get tag-based reporting within Tarvent. This gives you detailed reporting at the tag level, in addition to the group level.

Scheduled sending

Create a transactional email, but schedule it to be sent later. Simply specify the send date and time, and Tarvent takes care of the rest.

Sandbox testing

Most developers hate errors. The worst errors are the unhandled ones, right? Our sandbox mode allows you to send a transaction and specify which error you’d like to receive back to ensure your logic handles all cases. The best part is sandbox mode is at the transaction level, not the account level.

Suppression list integrattion

Ensure your transactional emails are never sent to anyone who has explicitly requested not to receive emails from your company with our suppression list integration. If an email is really important, you can always skip the suppression check as needed.