Transactional Email

Send emails from anywhere
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Deliver the right message when it matters most when the recipient expects it. Transactional email, combined with the power of templates and dynamic content, enables you to send what your customer is expecting to receive.
Transactional email - Editor with transaction variables
Transactional Templates

Let designers do their best work.

Getting a transactional email sent in real time is something a developer can typically do quickly. Getting that email to look great is a whole different story.
Templates: Instead of the transactional email API call including the entire content of the email, simply give the developer a template ID of a template managed completely online.
Transaction Variables: Within a template, variables can be defined to insert data passed in through the API. With over 40 format helpers, email designers can control exactly how the data is displayed.
Dynamic Content: Like a marketing email, transactional emails can leverage the power of dynamic content to control which content is displayed based on transaction variables or other criteria.
International Support: Send your email in any language and format your variable data in that same language or a different language. It’s your choice. Either way, we can handle it.

Get a clear picture, quickly.

Learn more about your transactional email performance without having to be an expert in data analysis, trending, and more. We make reporting simple, yet let you dive deep into the data if you want to.
Sender Reputation: Learn how well each domain used in your from address is performing by simply looking at a single number. The best part is that our deliverability specialists are monitoring your reputation for you.
Engagement Scoring: There are so many numbers to look at to determine how well your customers are engaging with your emails. Our sophisticated algorithms sum it up into a single number to make life easier.
Trends: All transactions are reporting on based on your custom email types. This makes transactional reporting almost identical to campaign reporting…detailed, intuitive, and easy to understand.
Activity: Look at each transaction flowing through to see exactly what happened, including bounce errors, open, click, and other counts so no rock is left unturned.
Transaction Email - Advanced reporting

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