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Email editor

The one editor that rules them all

Our drag-and-drop visual editor is second to none. While we have many components that can be added to an email, the editor shines when it comes to styling your email in your unique way.

Personalization everywhere

Personalizing content is nothing new. Tarvent takes it several steps further, allowing you to personalize even the From name and From email so that each recipient receives an email from an agent or sales rep, for example.

See what makes your contacts tick

We've significantly advanced beyond basic A/B testing. Now, you can simultaneously test up to 10 variations to determine which one resonates best with your contacts, using a variety of criteria to identify the top performer.

Managing contacts has never
been so easy

We've designed our contact management system to be intuitive from the get-go, allowing you to manage your contacts and everything related to them in one place. This approach helps make your time more productive and less confusing.

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Find your contacts

You can use the quick or advanced search to find the contacts you want. Advanced searches can be saved as segments for later use.

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Data fields per audience, not an account

Do you need to store more information than the default about a contact? Use data fields to add as many fields as you'd like to store proprietary information. You can format the data in an email using data formatters.

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Groups and segments

Manage your contacts using groups or segments. Groups are static, with contacts only being added or removed manually. Segments run in real-time, such as when sending a campaign, to select contacts that meet specific criteria you define.

List icon
All your forms in one place

It's all in your audience's forms area, where you need to update an unsubscribe form, a profile update form, create a new sign-up form, and more. Unlike other systems, there are no account-level forms to worry about.

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Tarvent has to be one of the easier platforms on the planet. We did the hard work of making a feature-rich platform easy to use so you don’t need specially trained staff just to use it.
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Multiple audiences

Keep different types of contacts, such as dealers and customers in completely isolated audiences that contain their own data fields, forms, groups, segments, and more.

Unique identify

Uniquely identify contacts by something other than their email address, such as a combination of 1 or more fields.

Auto list cleaning

Tarvent automatically cleans your list of undeliverable contacts based on configurable rules for hard bounces and soft bounces.

Format your personalize data

Data formatters allow you to format your personalized data using several datatype-aware formatters. There are formatters for numbers, text, dates, currency, and more.

Import contacts via email

Do you import the same data file repeatedly with new data? Configure your import and email your file so you never have to map the import again.

Suppression list

Manage an account-wide suppression list that applies to campaigns and transactional email. Suppression rules can exclude a single email address, an entire domain, and more.

Customize customer touchpoints

Every customer touch point, including every form type supported, emails, and more, is highly customizable to match your brand and design. This includes both Tarvent-hosted pages and embedded forms.


Surveys are built in, allowing both anonymous and known contacts to submit answers, and can update a contact's profile with survey answers.

Transactional emails

Transaction email through our GraphQL-based API or SMTP is natively supported and built into Tarvent from the ground up for seamless integration with journeys, contacts, templates, and more.


Use TimeJumper to ensure all your campaign contacts get the email at, say 9am, no matter which time zone they are in. Al lyou have to do is check a box and Tarvent does the rest!


Have you ever sent a campaign and realize your campaign was temporarily blocked? No worries with auto-resent. You can configure rules that will detect specific bounce types and resent as a schedule you define.

Landing page

Connect your ads to beautifully built personalized landing pages that provide detailed reporting, support multple call-to-actions (CTAa), capture new leads, and integrated with automation for the ultimate customer experience.