We are your extended marketing team that always delivers.

Simply put, we look at each one of our customers as our extended team, all working towards the same goal of providing our customers with the ultimate experience so we can grow our business and deliver useful products and services.
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Our Story

We took family activities to a whole new level and created Tarvent!

We’ve been family-oriented from the start. Jason Johnson, the CEO of Tarvent, created the company to provide for his family while giving him more freedom to spend time with his three boys.

Tarvent’s parent company was established in 1997. While the Tarvent brand was established in 2022, we have been in business since 1997. Our initial service offering was software development and hosting services. In 2012, we started offering email marketing services to our existing customers, which were primarily Advertising and Marketing agencies.

We take “working closely” to a whole new level. One of the reasons our average customer stays with us for over 10+ years is because we work very closely with them. We learn about their needs, offer solutions to address their challenges, and take even their smallest of concerns as an important issue that needs to be addressed.

If it’s not intuitive, why do it? While it might seem simple, creating intuitive solutions can be tough. However, we know that most people do not enjoy researching/reading. Our goal is to make the features we deliver as intuitive as possible so you rarely need to refer to help.

We do serious work with a smile. If you haven’t learned from our site, we’re a pretty casual company. However, that should never be confused with intelligence. We love what we do, we enjoy making others successful, and we truly enjoy putting a smile on your face. We are not about marketing hype, embellishment, or overselling. We are about honest, hard, but smart work that gets the job done better than you expected at a more than fair price.
Team Info

A company is only great when the team is great

Our team is small, hard-working, and focused on delivering the best marketing automation platform to help your business grow.
Over 45 years of experience in technology
3 of our staff used to get allowance but now it’s called salary
Worked with Fortune 100 companies and the smallest of businesses
Truly believe in work hard, play hard(er)
Always try to overdeliver
Are honest to a fault