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Journey Management

Visualize your customer's journey.

Our streamlined journey map designer allows you to visualize your customer's journey without sacrificing the advanced functionality necessary for managing complex business initiatives.
Multivariate messaging

Send the best message every time.

Elevate your A/B testing with multivariate capabilities, allowing you to test up to 10 sender, subject, and content combinations. Let Tarvent determine the most effective version based on your criteria, ensuring that all future journey participants receive the most engaging iteration of your email.
Step Conditions

Only some customers are alike.

While many customers may follow a similar journey path, there are instances where you might want some to skip a step and proceed. Tarvent enables you to set conditions for customers to bypass a step and continue their journey.

Journey management
easier than ever

Journey management doesn't have to be complicated. What makes journeys difficult is the lack of multiple paths in a split step, conditions to skip a step, and how contacts are added to a journey in the first place. We've made all this really easy.

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Entry and exit triggers

Entry triggers manage how contacts are added to a journey, responding to events and conditions to start contacts on a journey. Exit triggers monitor events and conditions of journey contacts and remove them as needed. To streamline contact management, exit triggers always run before entry triggers, making it easy to transfer contacts between journeys.

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Goals and conversions

When contacts reach a specific point in a journey, they can achieve a goal that may be used later for segmentation in other tasks. In some cases, these goals can count as conversions with an associated monetary value that can be assigned to the contact and utilized for further segmentation.

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From our journey flow report to our messaging reports, we've focused on providing the clearest visual representation of your journey's performance. With customizable date range criteria, you can generate reports for any specific period to closely examine how well your journey has performed in meticulous detail.

Add trigger dialogAdd goal dialogJourney flow report
Journey features that make Tarvent awesome! Tarvent has to be one of the easiest platforms on the planet. We worked hard to make a feature-rich platform easy to use so that you don't need specially trained staff to use it.
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Send an email

Send a highly personalized email at the perfect time for a customer's journey. This email has all the same features as a regular campaign email, including excellent reporting.

Send an optimized email

Just list a multivariate campaign and send an optimized campaign that first tests up to 10 combinations of sender, subject, and content. Then, based on your criteria, it picks a winner, so only the best is sent thereafter.

Send a notification email

Send an internal notification email that includes all contact information, including the person's original and current profiles, which may have changed throughout the journey.


When a contact gets to a specific point in the journey, can you unsubscribe them.

Update profile

Update a contact's profile by adding, removing, or changing profile data. Don't worry—throughout the journey, you will always have access to the original values as well as the current values.

Add or remove groups

Contacts can be added or removed from public and private groups as needed.

Add or remove tags

Tags can be added or removed from a contact as needed. This is especially important for tagging contacts based on their activity. Don't worry; we have journey templates to use for this.

Add a note

As contacts progress through a journey, notes can be added to their profiles for later reference. These notes are only internal and not visible to the contact.

Start a new journey

While exit and entry triggers can work together to jump a contact to a new journey, this step allows you to start a contact on a journey when they reach a specific point.

Exit a journey

Like starting a contact on a journey, this step can end a contact's journey, either the current journey they are on or another one they may be on.

Send a webhook event

Webhooks are a great way to integrate and consume information from Tarvent at a relevant time. In this case, a webhook can be called when a contact reaches a specific point, passing along all contact data.

Evaluate goal award conversions

Specific conditions can be used to achieve a goal and possibly award a conversion. These can be used to evaluate a contact in the future or segment future emails.