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Did you know..

Tarvent is a little unique.

With our January 2023 launch, our focus is usability, efficiency, and performance. With that nailed, stay tuned for exciting new features!
Productivity always wins
We are not about huge fonts, empty space, and basic screens; Tarvent is all about intuitive production and excellent results.
Customers guide us, not investors
With some of the largest companies in the US as customers, and no investors, our focus is always on you and your needs.
Humor is important, and preferred
Life is short, so we do serious work with a smile. We also do our best to make you smile during any engagement.
We hold hands...and it’s okay.
We will hold your hand (figuratively, we promise) through every step so you get results, eliminating the fear of mistakes.
Family-owned and operated
Tarvent is a family-run marketing automation software company. Dad and his 3 boys built Tarvent from scratch.
Honest at all costs
This can be tough if it makes us look bad but it doesn't matter. Honesty builds trust so that is all you get from us...ever!
Campaign management

Create emails that look great on any device.

Let's make a deal. You take care of the content and images, while Tarvent makes sure your email is delivered and looks great across all devices.
Sender Reputation Scoring: Our advanced scoring algorithm shows how successful future campaigns will be delivered.
Engagement Scoring: See how engaged your audience was for each campaign with an easy-to-understand score based on industry standards.
Multiple Editors: Drag-and-drop and code editors enable you to build emails quick with precise control over every aspect of your campaign.
Multivariate Testing: Some call it split or A/B testing, but Tarvent allows for a max of 10 variations with several ways to determine the winning variation.
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Campaign - Drag and drop editor
Landing page - Editor
Landing pages

Create dynamic landing pages that get results.

Integrate forms, call-to-action buttons, automations, extensive tracking and more with ease.
Complete Control of Design: Create your landing pages without limitations. Include dynamic content, forms, videos, buttons, and other style elements to fit your brand.
Automation Integration: Easily integrate automations to react to your visitors immediately, no matter what time of day.
Comprehensive Reporting: See exactly what your visitors are doing on your landing page, how they interact, and works, and how to improve your results with in-depth reporting.
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Audience Management

Keep your contacts organized like a pro.

Whether you have a single audience or multiple distinct audiences, Tarvent lets you manage your contacts with precision.
Custom Fields: While standard fields to reduce setup time, custom fields allow you to profile and segment your contacts specifically for your business.
Custom contact identifier: Uniquely Identify each contact by something other than their email address. Select one or more fields that uniquely identify a contact, which works well when duplicate email addresses are needed.
Segmentation: Use demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data to target the audience most likely to engage with pinpoint accuracy.
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Contact management - Contacts page
Contact management - Edit contact

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