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Easily manage every aspect of your audience

Manage contacts, data fields, segments, and more all from a single location without ever getting lost.
Add a contact
Audience contact screen

Create pixel-perfect templates with style

Pre-built templates are a great starting point, but brand-specific templates ensure your contacts have a consistent experience.
Create a template
Template editor
Sending domain

Optimize deliverability to maximize your goals

Add sending domains to Tarvent to ensure they meet Gmail, Yahoo, and other ISPs' strict guidelines for protecting valid senders.
Configure a domain
Create domain dialog

Tarvent aims to maximize
your productivity

Tarvent is packed with small, meaningful features designed to boost your productivity. Whether you’re navigating between elements, reviewing your last campaign, or picking up where you left off, Tarvent ensures you have quick access to everything you need.

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Pick up where you left off

Next time you log into Tarvent, the dashboard will display the last 10 items you edited, making it easy to resume your work right where you left off.

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Quick Navigation

As you create your next marketing masterpiece in Tarvent, the system efficiently remembers your recent activities, giving you instant access to previously edited and related items.

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Journey email navigation

Tarvent's navigator lets you swiftly move between emails in a journey without returning to the journey map between edits, saving you significant time when making multiple changes.

Pick up where you left offQuick navJourney email nav
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Multiple audiences

Keep different types of contacts, such as dealers and customers in completely isolated audiences that contain their own data fields, forms, groups, segments, and more.
Multiple audiences

Unique identify

Uniquely identify contacts by something other than their email address, such as a combination of 1 or more fields.
Unique identifier data field

Transactional emails

Transaction email through our GraphQL-based API or SMTP is natively supported and built into Tarvent from the ground up for seamless integration with journeys, contacts, templates, and more.
Transaction email names

Format your personalized data

Data formatters allow you to format your personalized data using several datatype-aware formatters. There are formatters for numbers, text, dates, currency, and more.
Data formatter

Auto list cleaning

Tarvent automatically cleans your list of undeliverable contacts based on configurable rules for hard bounces and soft bounces.
List clean rules

Suppression list

Manage an account-wide suppression list that applies to campaigns and transactional email. Suppression rules can exclude a single email address, an entire domain, and more.
Suppress email