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Automation - Journey builder
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Campaign management

Create emails that look great on any device.

Let's make a deal. You take care of the content and images, while Tarvent makes sure your email is delivered and looks great across all devices.
Sender Reputation Scoring: Our advanced scoring algorithm shows how successful future campaigns will be delivered.
Engagement Scoring: See how engaged your audience was for each campaign with an easy-to-understand score based on industry standards.
Multiple Editors: Drag-and-drop and code editors enable you to build emails quick with precise control over every aspect of your campaign.
Multivariate Testing: Some call it split or A/B testing, but Tarvent allows for a max of 10 variations with several ways to determine the winning variation.
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Landing pages

Create dynamic landing pages that get results.

Integrate forms, call-to-action buttons, automations, extensive tracking and more with ease.
Complete Control of Design: Create your landing pages without limitations. Include dynamic content, forms, videos, buttons, and other style elements to fit your brand.
Automation Integration: Easily integrate automations to react to your visitors immediately, no matter what time of day.
Comprehensive Reporting: See exactly what your visitors are doing on your landing page, how they interact, and works, and how to improve your results with in-depth reporting.
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Audience Management

Keep your contacts organized like a pro.

Whether you have a single audience or multiple distinct audiences, Tarvent lets you manage your contacts with precision.
Custom Fields: While standard fields to reduce setup time, custom fields allow you to profile and segment your contacts specifically for your business.
Custom contact identifier: Uniquely Identify each contact by something other than their email address. Select one or more fields that uniquely identify a contact, which works well when duplicate email addresses are needed.
Segmentation: Use demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data to target the audience most likely to engage with pinpoint accuracy.
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