Why Tarvent

Why Tarvent? Let’s dive in!

While we can talk about all the great features we have, the primary reason our customers choose Tarvent, and more importantly, stay with Tarvent, is our support.

Robust set of features.

Our feature list, like most, is extensive. However, what matters most to us is how those features are implemented.
Feature depth: Sounds weird, right? We know. We don’t add features to use as a selling point. We add them because they are useful to the majority of our customers. When we add a feature, we also add a ton of flexibility to make sure it’s thoroughly implemented so you get the most for your money.
Easy to use: Although somewhat derogatory sounding, what’s the point of adding a feature if it’s hard to use? We’ve seen this time and time again. That’s not how we work. Above all else, we try to make everything intuitive. If you have to refer to help, we might not have implemented something as well as we could have.
Useful to all…or at least most: We don’t like cluttering our application with features that only a small number of customers will use. We’ve seen this so many times before, and it makes a solution difficult to use. We do have some features that many will not use, but they are not prominent or draw attention. As you learn, you will discover all Tarvent really has to offer.

The support! Have you tried our support?

No, we’re not talking about the best restaurant in town. We’re talking about the support that all our customers enjoy.
We do sleep but make the most of our waking hours: We do not offload our support to another country that will hopefully be able to answer basic questions or take down your name and number. That’s not us. We answer our phones, answer your questions thoroughly, and offer suggestions, when appropriate, to make your marketing lives easier.
We are honest to a fault: We say this because sometimes people don’t really want the honest truth, especially if they are asking about how something looks. However, when you ask why something didn’t work, we’ll give you the real reason, what we are truly doing to fix the problem, and what we will do to ensure the problem never happens again. If you can’t trust your vendor, why are they your vendor?
We truly care about your success: We strive to make you successful because a win-win is the only way we want to grow. We might sound a little “emo” (yes, you read that right), but that’s how we honestly function. When you divulge your challenges to us, we lose just as much sleep figuring out solutions for you as we do figuring out solutions for our challenges.

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