Customer Experience Automation

Automation: The four syllables of success.

If you’ve ever dreamed of having an employee who never sleeps, never takes breaks, does their job perfectly every time, and never asks for a raise, you might be thinking about our automation engine.
Let Them Enter…and Exit

Triggers for every occasion.

Events happen faster than you can blink an eye; seriously. Triggers make sure you never miss an event that can benefit from a journey experience.
Entry Triggers: With over 90+ triggers, you’ll never miss an opportunity to connect with a contact when they need it most.
Exit Triggers: Those same 90+ triggers can be used to pull someone out of a journey that is no longer applicable, no matter where they are in the journey.
Recurrence: Recurring dreams may not be your thing, but recurring events may be. Triggers can execute for only the first occurrence of an event or for every last event; it’s your choice.
Automation - Journey actions
Let’s Make Things Happen

Take action and be heard.

Send an email, add a tag, or one of 23 (and counting) actions when contacts reach specific points in your journey, and do it with precision, perfection, and style.
Send an Email: Send a personalized email using the same power of campaigns within your journey. Even better, track the results of each journey email just like a campaign.
Multivariate Emails: Want to test which version of an email performs best in your journey? That’s easy! Set up a multivariate email, specify your conditions, and let Tarvent send the best email.
Facebook Audience: Add or remove contacts from your Facebook custom audience, enabling you to advertise to potential and existing customers more effectively.
Start a Journey: With the ability to send a contact on another journey, you can chain multiple journeys together to create a powerful multi-journey solution.
Automation - Contact event tracking

Listen to events and react.

Events are used to trigger a journey, navigate a contact through the journey’s flow, and, ultimately, provide you with valuable information about your marketing efforts.
Contact Profile: Throughout the journey, a contact’s profile can change due to actions that add tags, groups, or various other actions. Therefore, we make their original profile and current profile available in the condition builders for more advanced evaluations.
Webhooks: UUsing webhooks, you can send all event information to your external systems for additional real-time integrations, thus eliminating any possible limitations to what you want to achieve.

20/20 journey vision for all.

See how well your journeys are doing in perfect clarity. Learn about the most popular paths, emails that perform, and goals that are being met with ease.
Visually Obvious: Visually see which path most contacts are taking in your journey without having to crunch numbers and compare. We make it obvious and eliminate the work.
Every Detail Included: We try to make every detail available in our reports to empower you with the information you need to make effective changes or bask in the glory of your success.
Simplified Numbers: No time to decipher all the numbers? We summarized all the data into simply-to-understand engagement scores, sender reputation scores, and graphs so you don’t have to.
Automation - Journey reports

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