One-to-one marketing with ease.

The shotgun approach to email marketing may work for some, but for most, that personal touch goes a long way to creating a win-win relationship with your customers. We just make that easy to do.
Campaign - Code your own editor

Every skill level is covered.

Whether you have never sent a campaign before, are a frequent sender with little time, or are a pro who obsesses about every pixel, we’ve got you covered!
Drag-and-Drop Editor: Create your campaigns with ease using our drag-and-drop editor. It’s easy to use, has more features than you can imagine, and does a fantastic job at making your email look great on all devices.
Code Editors: Paste in code from an external editor or use our color-coded editor to create pixel-perfect emails. Use our wizards to add dynamic content logic, personalization, and more without having to learn syntax.
Helper and Logic Wizards: With any of our editors, helpers and dynamic content are quick and easy with our wizards; no need to learn syntax. However, if you know the syntax, type away.
Campaign - Multivariate (A/B Test) Settings
Multivariate Campaigns

Test for success.

Knowing what your audience will respond with precision to can be difficult. We have a solution. Multivariate campaigns let you test several variations between different "from" addresses, subjects, and contents and pick which version is sent to the masses.
Variations: Create up to 10 variations, including several subject lines, from lines, and content with ease. You simply create versions, and the platform will come up with all the variations for you.
Picking a Winner: Once your campaign is sent to a small portion of your campaign’s total audience, a winning variation is picked. This can be based on the number of opens, link clicks, or overall engagement.
Reporting: Even with multivariate campaigns, you’ll never miss out on reporting. See how each combination did as well as the winning combination in full detail, just like you would with a normal campaign.
Campaign - Send settings and TimeJumper
It’s That Time!

Sending your campaign.

You do it. You have the perfect campaign ready to go; it's tested, and all looks great. Let's do this. Send your campaign and get ready for an engagement score that blows you away.
Tracking Options: Set tracking options that best suit your privacy and customer needs. Click tracking, open tracking, site tracking, and tracking data can all be controlled by you.
Reply Handling: Track valid replies and have them forwarded to an email address of your choosing. We filter out all the out-of-office, bounce notifications, and other spam-related replies, so you only get real replies.
Sending Domains: If you have specific requirements for email authentication (we know, it’s a little techie), we’ve got you covered. SPF, DKIM, and DMARC are handled with ease, even if you have no clue what they mean.
TimeJumper: Sending an email at 8 a.m. because you want people to receive it at 8 a.m.? Using TimeJumper, we can assure that people in different time zones still get the email at 8 a.m. their time, not yours.

Campaign reporting;
nailed it!

We’re like that relative who divulges too much. However, with us, you can pick and choose how deep you want to dive into the data.
Engagement: Learn how engaged your audience is with one simple score: your campaign's engagement score. Our sophisticated algorithm takes the hard work out of figuring out the success of your campaign.
Deliverability: Like our engagement score, why worry about the details if you don’t have to? Our sender reputation score gives you all you need in one simple number to let you know if all is good.
Heat Map: Visually identify which links were more popular than others using your heat map overlay on your campaign. See the location of each link in your campaign and which performed best.
Multivariate: If you sent a multivariate campaign, great! See the details of each combination as its own campaign, including all the same stats, graphs, and more.
Campaign - Report and heatmap

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