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Discover the ultimate all-in-one platform that effortlessly merges email marketing, marketing automation, contact management, surveys, and more. Gain control over every contact touch point to optimize the experience. Tarvent's Everything plan gives you every feature without limits at a low price.

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Audiences list

Multiple audiences
in one account.

If you provide full-service email marketing for multiple clients, there is no need to use multiple accounts in Tarvent. A single account can have unlimited isolated audiences with data fields, forms, and more. Also, unsubscribes are at the audience level rather than the account level.

One user,
multiple accounts

Each Tarvent user can access multiple accounts without logging out and back in to access a different account. Simple switch accounts with three clicks of the mouse to access an unlimited number of accounts the user can access.

Account selection
Permission settings

Limited access
equals data protection

While Tarvent allows unlimited users, you may not want some users accessing every audience or being able to do anything within an account. Tarvent provides granular control over what a user can do within the platform. Additionally, Tarvent offers a report-only dashboard to simplify the user experience if only reports are needed.

Unlimited "from"
and site tracking domains

Configure several "from" and site-tracking domains, which include email authentication, separated reporting, and more. Domains can be used within campaigns and journeys within a single or multiple Tarvent accounts.

From domain settings
Contact management - Segmentation, Exports, Forms

Customization galore
equals brand consistency

Every contact touchpoint allows for customization of the entire page or email. Customize sign-up forms, contact profile update forms, unsubscribe forms, confirmation emails, notification emails, templates, and so much more to meet your client's branding needs to ensure a consistent experience for their customers.

One plan. Everything included.

Summary of features
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Feature summary

Number of users that can access your Tarvent account.
Up to 25 users
Some companies support multiple isolated brands, requiring multiple isolated audiences with different data fields, settings, and more. This allows contacts to subscribe and unsubscribe from each audience independently.
Multiple audiences
Link Google Ads, Facebooks Ads, and more to landing pages you create and track within Tarvent. Landing pages support personalization, multiple Call to Action (CTA) tracking, embedded forms, and more.
Landing pages
Send event information to your system(s) when a contact reaches a specific step in the journey. The event data is posted in JSON and includes a lot of information enabling you to tightly integrate with Tarvent in real-time.
Need to attach a file to an email? Use file hosting to store the file then link to the file withing your email instead of using attachments, which will increase your deliverability and decrease possible spam complaints.
5 GB file hosting storage
Did you look at A/B testing first? Multivariate testing allows you to test multiple variations of a campaign. You can vary the "From" text/email, subject line, content, and more. Tell us how long you want to wait and how to identify the winning variation and Tarvent will do the rest. Otherwise, you can always manually pick a winner at any time.
Multivariate campaigns
Give your contacts a voice and learn more about their interests and perception of your products or services
While you may have to endure a few bad jokes, we are here to support you. We can assist with application support, development support for our API, strategy support, or just be a person to bounce ideas off us. Yes, we are a little unique with our support, and we like it that way.
Phone support
Send to your contacts as many times as you'd like.
Unlimited email sends
Our drag-and-drop journey builder makes it simple to create basic or extremely advanced journeys that are easy to understand and follow. You can control step spacings, zoom, panning and more to make the most out of the journey builder.
Contact journey builder
Track your contact's activity on your website, display messages specific to a contact, and use the events within Journeys to make your contact's journey more effective at reaching your goals.
Site messaging and tracking
Need a custom report? We are here to deliver. We can provide a custom report with your exact needs, reporting schedule, and distribution lists. We also ensure PII is sent securely because we are just that detailed.
Custom reporting
Pass in a contact ID from a previously created contact and you'll have access to all their profile information within your transactional email, which can be used for personalization and dynamic content.
Audience integration
Configure journeys to listen to transactional emails for known contacts to trigger additional actions and logic to more precisely manage a contact's experience.
Journey integration
When submitting a transaction, you can pass in data specific to each recipient to receive the transaction as well as global data that all recipients share.
Unique recipient variable data
Send a transaction to multiple recipients at the same time using multiple TO, CC, and BCC email addresses.
Support for To, Bcc, and CC
Generate a subject line or an article for an email using Artitelli. We use the latest OpenAI technology to generate the content.
AI content generation
Specify a group name or tags, which is any name or tag you decide, and we'll provide group-level and tag-level reporting with all the details you'd expect from a campaign-style report.
Grouping and tagging
Submit multiple transactions within a single batch request. We'll return a Request ID and multiple Transaction IDs for your reference.
Batch submission
The same editors for campaign templates is used for templates that are used for transactions. This means no HTML coding when using our drag-and-drop editor.
Drag and drop template editor
Add metadata to each transaction so you have access to it later in Journeys and webhook events posted back to your system.
View overall transaction performance including sender reputation and engagement score. Additionally, View statistics on each recipient domain such as,, and others to quickly identify problems domains that need to be addressed.
Comprehensive reporting
Use our sandbox to force various errors to be returned so you can fortify your integration
Sandbox mode
Send your email in any language needed be specifying the character set to be used. In most cases, we handle this automatically but always give you complete control.
Language support
Not using templates? You can still use our template language withing your own content and we'll parse it before sending the transaction.
Template language support
Specify custom headers that will be included in the email for future reference
Custom headers

Features that set us apart

Tarvent stands out from the rest with the unique features that only come from a solution built from the ground up to natively support email marketing, transactional email, and marketing automation.

Template management

Template elements can be set to non-editable to prevent users from editing elements when using the template in a campaign.

Passwordless security

You will never forget your password for Tarvent. Our passwordless security system, enhanced with multi-form authentication (MFA), ensures painless and secure access to Tarvent.

Permission management

Limit the features and audiences that users can access on a granular level, with the flexibility of limiting read and write permissions.


Create surveys to learn more about your audience. Leverage your new knowledge to enhance your customer experience via automation.

Template editorPasswordless systemPermission settingsSurvey editor

Use a platform that you can grow with and not grow out of.

Our library of email and journey templates is continually growing, as well as our overall feature set and native integrations.


Start with a Tarvent-provided template, a previously built template, or a campaign to create custom templates to meet your needs.

Contact management

Suppose you have different types of contacts, such as vendors and customers. In that case, Tarvent allows you to create multiple isolated audiences to manage every contact type independently.

Advanced automation

No matter your needs, Tarvent's advanced automation system is your new best employee who never sleeps, never takes breaks, never makes mistakes, and always gives your customers the best experience you can create.


It's never good to be in the dark. Give your audience a voice with surveys. You will gain more insight, which can lead to providing a better experience for your customers.

Landing pages

Create highly impactful landing pages that provide a high degree of tracking and reporting to make every ad dollar count.


While data is king, understanding the data can be challenging. Tarvent's robust yet intuitive reporting system learns no question unanswered while providing easy-to-understand scoring to simply the results.

G2 Awards... Well not quite.

We're the new kids on the block! We are up-and-coming, working hard to win some awards and show off our G2 bling.

G2 Placeholder

Frequently asked questions

Will Tarvent help me migrate from my current solution?
Yes. We'll help you get everything transferred over, answer any questions, and provide some best practices for your specific needs, all at no cost.
What happens if I go over my contact limit?
Without overages enabled, Tarvent will allow you to add contacts up to your limit. Enabling overages will allow you to exceed your limit on a cost-per-contact basis. You can also enable auto-scaling, which automatically bumps you to the next bracket. Don't worry; we send notices, so you're never surprised.
Can I start monthly and upgrade to annual after a few months?
Yes. While we'd love for you to start on an annual plan, we want to ensure that Tarvent is a good fit for you. Try it for a month or two, then upgrade to annual when you realize how awesome Tarvent is.
How do I downgrade?
You can't...kidding! It's easy. You can downgrade anytime within Tarvent (you don't need to call or email). The downgrade will occur at the start of the next billing cycle.
How many accounts can I have in Tarvent?
You can create an unlimited number of Tarvent accounts. While you can manage all your clients in a single account, separate accounts per client allow better cost isolation per client.
Can I add transactional email support at a later time?
Yes. While an email marketing plan is always required, transactional email is optional and can be added when needed.