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Discover the ultimate all-in-one platform that effortlessly merges email marketing, transactional email, and marketing automation. Powered by a robust GraphQL-based API, 100% of our capabilities are yours. Welcome to a new era of efficiency, innovation, and awesomeness.

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Code generation

Generate code and read docs later.

Use our form-based code generator to write code for you. You'll be sending transactional emails in no time. Our code generator is no "light-weight" either. You can configure every setting offered, generate code in 6+ languages, and even test your call all on one screen.

Don't worry; we give you all the specs, so you don't have to read through documentation to find what you need. It's all in one spot.

email reporting

Gain insights into how well your transactional email is performing. Tarvent provides the same depth of reporting that you get with marketing campaigns. Provide a "type" to your transactional email to view detailed reporting by email type, not just overall stats.

Code generation
Deliverability reports

99.4% deliverability on average with no caveats

While you create the perfect email content, we concentrate on deliverability. We deal with blocks and other issues for you and provide detailed reporting per domain to give a clear picture. If there is an issue, you can create auto-retry rules to deliver every possible email.

One plan. Everything included.

Summary of features
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Feature summary

Number of users that can access your Tarvent account.
Up to 25 users
Some companies support multiple isolated brands, requiring multiple isolated audiences with different data fields, settings, and more. This allows contacts to subscribe and unsubscribe from each audience independently.
Multiple audiences
Link Google Ads, Facebooks Ads, and more to landing pages you create and track within Tarvent. Landing pages support personalization, multiple Call to Action (CTA) tracking, embedded forms, and more.
Landing pages
Send event information to your system(s) when a contact reaches a specific step in the journey. The event data is posted in JSON and includes a lot of information enabling you to tightly integrate with Tarvent in real-time.
Need to attach a file to an email? Use file hosting to store the file then link to the file withing your email instead of using attachments, which will increase your deliverability and decrease possible spam complaints.
5 GB file hosting storage
Did you look at A/B testing first? Multivariate testing allows you to test multiple variations of a campaign. You can vary the "From" text/email, subject line, content, and more. Tell us how long you want to wait and how to identify the winning variation and Tarvent will do the rest. Otherwise, you can always manually pick a winner at any time.
Multivariate campaigns
Give your contacts a voice and learn more about their interests and perception of your products or services
While you may have to endure a few bad jokes, we are here to support you. We can assist with application support, development support for our API, strategy support, or just be a person to bounce ideas off us. Yes, we are a little unique with our support, and we like it that way.
Phone support
Send to your contacts as many times as you'd like.
Unlimited email sends
Our drag-and-drop journey builder makes it simple to create basic or extremely advanced journeys that are easy to understand and follow. You can control step spacings, zoom, panning and more to make the most out of the journey builder.
Contact journey builder
Track your contact's activity on your website, display messages specific to a contact, and use the events within Journeys to make your contact's journey more effective at reaching your goals.
Site messaging and tracking
Need a custom report? We are here to deliver. We can provide a custom report with your exact needs, reporting schedule, and distribution lists. We also ensure PII is sent securely because we are just that detailed.
Custom reporting
Pass in a contact ID from a previously created contact and you'll have access to all their profile information within your transactional email, which can be used for personalization and dynamic content.
Audience integration
Configure journeys to listen to transactional emails for known contacts to trigger additional actions and logic to more precisely manage a contact's experience.
Journey integration
When submitting a transaction, you can pass in data specific to each recipient to receive the transaction as well as global data that all recipients share.
Unique recipient variable data
Send a transaction to multiple recipients at the same time using multiple TO, CC, and BCC email addresses.
Support for To, Bcc, and CC
Generate a subject line or an article for an email using Artitelli. We use the latest OpenAI technology to generate the content.
AI content generation
Specify a group name or tags, which is any name or tag you decide, and we'll provide group-level and tag-level reporting with all the details you'd expect from a campaign-style report.
Grouping and tagging
Submit multiple transactions within a single batch request. We'll return a Request ID and multiple Transaction IDs for your reference.
Batch submission
The same editors for campaign templates is used for templates that are used for transactions. This means no HTML coding when using our drag-and-drop editor.
Drag and drop template editor
Add metadata to each transaction so you have access to it later in Journeys and webhook events posted back to your system.
View overall transaction performance including sender reputation and engagement score. Additionally, View statistics on each recipient domain such as,, and others to quickly identify problems domains that need to be addressed.
Comprehensive reporting
Use our sandbox to force various errors to be returned so you can fortify your integration
Sandbox mode
Send your email in any language needed be specifying the character set to be used. In most cases, we handle this automatically but always give you complete control.
Language support
Not using templates? You can still use our template language withing your own content and we'll parse it before sending the transaction.
Template language support
Specify custom headers that will be included in the email for future reference
Custom headers

Valuable features that set us apart

Tarvent stands out from the rest with the unique features that only come from a solution built from the ground up to natively support email marketing, transactional email, and marketing automation.

Audience management

Use transactional email to deliver event-driven content while simultaneously adding each recipient to your contact list for future marketing.

Template management

Create templates using our drag-and-drop editor or code editor for pixel-perfect emails. Transaction variables added to the template will be replaced with transactional data when emailing.


The details are vital whether you're sending transactional or marketing emails. Our reporting leaves no rock unturned and provides the clarity you need to make your next marketing move.

Sender and engagement scoring

Scores provide clarity to seemingly complex data. Our proprietary algorithms determine a sender score based on deliverability and an engagement score based on recipient interaction to provide the clarity you need without diving into the details.

Contact screenTransactional email - Editor with transaction variablesCampaign - Report and heatmapSender reputation

Use a platform that you can grow with and not grow out of.

Our growing list of native and 3rd party integrator support is continually growing. Integrations are one of our primary focuses.


Our growing list of native and 3rd party integrator support is continually growing. Integrations are one of our primary focuses.

Advanced email authentication

Does your company use strict DMARC policies that make using an email marketing service difficult? We can help with custom configurations specific to your email authentication needs.

Site messaging and tracking

Trigger messages to specific visitors on your website, such as coupons, specials, and more, with perfect timing. Track their web page views and initiate marketing automation to provide visitors with the best experience possible.

Feature requests

We love feature requests. Whether it's a feature specific to your needs or one everyone can use, we do our best to accommodate. New features are typically released in days or weeks, not months.

Custom reporting

We try hard to anticipate the reporting features you need. However, there are times when proprietary reporting is a must. Call us to create reports specific to your needs and data.

Custom development

Do you need a proprietary solution built to interact with your systems and Tarvent? We can help. We can develop, host, and manage custom cloud-based solutions to meet your needs.

G2 Awards... Well not quite.

We're the new kids on the block! We are up-and-coming, working hard to win some awards and show off our G2 bling.

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Frequently asked questions

Does each transactional email need to have a contact in Tarvent?
No. You can send a transactional email to anyone. Optionally, you can add the email address from the transactional email to an Audience as a contact for use with marketing emails and automation.
What languages does your code generator support?
While the number of languages will continue to grow, we currently support C#, Node.js, PHP, Python, Go, and Java. Please note that there are no third-party libraries required. It's just a simple GraphQL call over HTTP.
How long is transactional data stored?
There are two options for event storage days. You can select seven days or 30 days. Storage is solely for transaction events like opens, clicks, and more. However, the transactions and transactional email stats are stored for 18 months, regardless of the storage duration.
Can a separate team manage email templates?
Yes! Email designers and marketers can design the email template and make changes whenever needed. The developer can focus on transmitting the data for the transactional email via the API. If the designing team wants additional data, they can add new variables to the template and notify the developer of any necessary data requirements.
Are there any additional fees for transactional or marketing emails?
Additional fees are limited to contact overages and file storage overages. You can turn off contact overages to avoid any additional charges. In all cases, the system will notify you before you accrue any additional fees so we can avoid any financial surprises that neither of us wants.
How do we ensure we don't run out of transactional email credits?
You can set rules to never go below a specific number of credits and automatically purchase more credits when the time comes. You can optionally buy blocks of transactional email credits manually as well. You have complete control, so there is never a surprise.