Tarvent lets you do so much more.

While Mailgun is hyper-focused on simply sending a transactional email, it leaves a lot for the developer and no one else to handle. This creates a bottleneck in production. Tarvent’s unique features eliminate that bottleneck and allow for so much more integration into your overall marketing strategy.
Here are some of the features that make Tarvent different:
  • Template support
    Manage an unlimited number of custom templates you create specifically for your needs using our drag-and-drop editor or code editor. You’ll have access to all your images, articles, and more to be used within your templates.
  • Have you seen our reporting?
    Transactional reporting, by our standards, has not been the best from what we’ve seen from competitors. We have succeeded in providing the same level of reporting that you get from your campaigns. In addition, we provide domain reporting, recipient domain reporting, provide engagement scoring, sender reputation scoring, and more.
  • Template language support
    Merging variable data is easy. We provide dialogs to help, so you never have to remember syntax. Additionally, we provide over 40+ format helpers to format the incoming data. For example, you can format dates, round numbers, title case text, and more. Internationalization is supported, so you can format data in any language. Lastly, you can easily add dynamic content, loop through an array of values, and more to personalize the email for each recipient’s needs.
  • GraphQL-based API…no more REST!
    Rest calls are okay, but you must know which URL to hit, what parameters to pass, and more. GraphQL is self-documenting and allows you to customize the API call to your liking. We think our API is pretty awesome. In fact, our entire system is built using the exact same API you, as the developer, use.
  • We are so much more than transactional email
    One of the biggest differences is that while Mailgun focuses on transactional email, Tarvent offers transactional email, marketing automation, and email marketing all in one tightly integrated solution.
  • Bulk transaction support with optimization
    Sending bulk transactions is great, but having to replicate the variable data for each transaction in the bulk request is not. We’ve made this a LOT easier by allowing you to send variable data at the request level, all the way down to the individual recipients of a transaction, including the To, CC, and BCC addresses.

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