Mailchimp vs Tarvent

Tarvent handles more of your needs as you grow.

While MailChimp has some good features, especially for novice marketers, we've learned from others that they can quickly outgrow the features MailChimp offers. Tarvent focuses on making an advanced solution that lets you discover new and beneficial features when you're ready to use them, so you're not inundated with complicated screens when you're just starting out.
Here are some of the features that make Tarvent different:
  • Advanced campaign editing
    From basic content editing to advanced image, styling, and layout control, Tarvent gives you exact control over the design of your email. Even better, Tarvent's HTML generation is designed so it automatically looks great on mobile and desktop, even if you accidentally insert a gigantic image that should have been resized first.
  • Automation features you always wanted
    Features such as decision splits, random splits, multivariate optimized emails, and more really set Tarvent apart. Take our decision split step. While most systems give a true and false path, we allow you to split the flow into as many paths as you'd like, with criteria for each. This is just one example of the depth of our features you'll come to love.
  • Suppression rule management
    If you have ever received a nasty call from someone telling you to stop sending them or their entire company email, or they will sue, we have you covered. Tarvent allows you to set suppression rules for an email address, domain, or something in the middle. Even better, you can continue adding contacts as usual, knowing Tarvent will never send to your suppression list.
  • Personalization
    While both solutions offer personalization, Tarvent provides 40+ data format helpers to ensure your variable data is merged with perfection. Whether you need to make sure the value is all lower case, upper case, truncated after so many characters, or formatted correctly for a specific language, Tarvent provides the helpers you need without having to learn syntax. We've got wizards for that.
  • Website messaging
    With Tarvent, you can send personalized messages to your contacts on your website. Link your contact's activity to a journey so you can control the message and timing with precision. Give your customers personalized promotions, coupons, event notifications, and more.
  • Dynamic content
    This is something both systems offer. However, only Tarvent provides you with the controls and wizards to control the display of a single word, an entire paragraph, or any other piece of creative within your campaign, template, transactional email, or journey email. We have a wide array of condition builder functions so you can fine-tune the content to display. Additionally, we provide a preview engine that lets you visually see how the email will render with the profile data you control.

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