ActiveCampaign vs Tarvent

Tarvent stands out with surprising features.

ActiveCampaign has done a good job of providing some nice features. Tarvent takes a much different approach to application design, depth of specific features, scalability, and speed.
Here are some of the features that we think you should consider when selecting a marketing automation solution:
  • True multi-audience support
    This becomes extremely beneficial when you have, for example, a dealer audience and a customer audience. A dealer can be a customer and vice-versa. However, the information you track about each type of contact can be very different, with different marketing efforts for each. Unsubscribes are managed per audience and not just through interest management, which customers may overlook.
  • Transactional email
    Tarvent’s transactional email support is native to the system, meaning it is tightly coupled with audiences, journeys (automation), email templates, and more. We did not retrofit a product we purchased; we simply built Tarvent from the ground up with transactional email baked in.
  • Custom contact identifier
    Identifying a contact by their email address is standard. However, if you manage your contacts at an account level, such as a warranty list, credit card list, etc., you will need duplicate emails before the contact can have multiple products under warranty or multiple credit cards, all with the same email address. Using a custom contact identifier, you can pick one or more fields that uniquely identify each contact.
  • Template support
    We hate to admit it, but ActiveCampaign does have a lot more standard templates than we do. We’re working on that one. Meanwhile, Tarvent does allow you to build your own templates that can be used for campaigns, transactional emails, and journey emails. Predesigned templates are nice, but they tend to look like everyone else’s email. With Tarvent, you can create your own templates that are unique to you with pixel-perfect control.
  • Multivariate email support in Journeys
    Sending an email in a journey is awesome! Both companies offer that. Tarvent takes it a step further and offers optimized journey emails, which allow you to create multiple variations of an email, let the journey run for a defined amount of time, and then let Tarvent send out the winner variation to all future journey contacts.
  • Surveys
    Like our transactional emails, surveys are built-in to Tarvent. You can create an unlimited number of surveys, make survey questions link directly to a contact’s profile and more. Surveys are only as good as the reporting, and we think we have that nailed, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.
  • Speed, consistency, and did we mention speed?
    In today’s workspace, speed is just a requirement. Tarvent is built using cloud-based micro-services that allow us to scale up any portion of the system automatically, so you never run into a slow-running application. We know time is money, and Tarvent will take far less time to run. In addition, our application has a consistent look and feel throughout the entire system, making it quick and easy for you to acclimate yourself to any part of Tarvent.

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