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Grow your audience

Start growing your marketing audience with easy-to-create forms that give you full control of the design of every form type.
Preference Forms

Give your audience control.

Get more information about your customers while giving them control over the types of campaigns they receive.
Interest Groups: Allow customers to select which public groups they are associated with. You can have both public and private groups, and only the public groups are displayed.
Take Action: When a form is submitted, multiple actions can be performed. These actions include sending a confirmation email, sending a notification email to internal staff, adding tags, adding groups, or starting a journey.
Multiple Forms: Create an unlimited number of forms of each form type. This can be useful to incrementally collect additional information or design a form for a specific target audience.
Forward to Friend Forms

Forward and grow!

Giving customers the option to share your campaign with others just may be what is needed to really grow your audience.
Email Preview: Let your contacts see the exact email that will be sent to their friends, which is a more generic version of the personalized email your contacts receive, which you control.
Multiple Friends: With a custom forward-to-friend form, your contacts can forward their email to multiple friends at once without having to submit the form for each friend individually.
Friendly Message: Your contacts can include a friendly message to their friends to provide some context as to why their friends are receiving the email.
Automations: Create automation based on the contact who referred the friend or the new contact who joined because of a friend referral to reward those who help your audience grow.

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