Content Library

Single source of content truth.

Centrally store and organize your digital assets, including images, PDFs, content blocks, and articles for use within your various marketing channels.
Content blocks

Content Blocks

Make quick work of adding standardized content such as headers, footers, and various blocks of content, which can later be used within your emails. Blocks are linked, so changes made to content blocks are seen in all emails that use them.


If you are a blogger, influencer, or content marketer, articles are a great way to create a library of highly organized articles that can be used within your emails in various formats. We also have some exciting features for articles that will be coming soon. Think AI-based marketing.
Image storage


Host your images in Tarvent or on your own site. There are advances to both options. We support various image types, including animated GIFs, animated PNG, and the more standard JPG, PNG, and GIFs.
File storage


Sending attachments is rarely suggested due to the risk of being flagged as spam. To overcome that, upload your files (i.e., PDFs) and create links within your email to the files hosted by Tarvent.
Multi-language support

Language Support

Content blocks and articles support multiple languages. This will ensure all your customers, regardless of the language they speak, can read your emails in their native language with numbers and dates formatted specifically for them.

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