Solutions for Agencies

We have some history.

If there is one thing we’ve learned over the years, agents require the bar to be set high, and we love it! Tarvent exists because an agency asked us to build an email marketing solution to meet their needs. We surpassed their needs and continued to grow.
  • Accounts
    If you’re like most agencies we’ve worked with in the past, we know you’re switching between accounts many times throughout the day. We make that process simple. One login, an unlimited number of accounts, and control over what each user can access and do.
  • Billing
    Paying for multiple accounts can be tough. We let you manage each account independently, so nothing is grouped, giving you clear costs per client. Our billing is straightforward, clear, and itemized to take out all the guesswork.
  • Security
    Letting a client login to access your working documents can be stressful; we get it. We’ve built our security so you can give clients access to only what you want them to see, what you want them to do, and, more importantly, control what you don’t want them to do.
  • Pixel perfect design
    We know all too well you need the utmost control over how a campaign looks. Our code-your-own editors allow you to do just that. You can edit all the HTML directly, giving you full control of everything. We went a step further and added wizards to the editor, making it easy to add personalization and dynamic content without having to learn syntax.
  • Reporting
    It’s hard answering your client’s questions when you don’t have the right reporting. Tarvent leans on the side of over-reporting, leaving no rock unturned, so you are never short of data to identify trends, stay informed, and have all the answers.
  • Drag-and-drop editor
    Need to get a quick email out or have a template you’ve fine-tuned and just need to drop in some content? We have that covered, too. You build the template and designate your editable areas. When creating a campaign using the template, we give you an awesome drag-and-drop editor to allow content to be added with ease.

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